Friday, April 13, 2012

One Tree Hill

You know, it's nice to realize that there is a sort of  poetry to real life, or that reality can be just as beautiful and meaningful as art.

Josh and I are taking a leap of faith and moving to California in a just a few weeks. It's where we have always wanted to end up, and this time seems like the best time. No kids, no mortgage, all healthy... why not? Even though it's probably one of the safest risks we could ever take, it's still scary.

Will I get a job? Will it be a good job? Will we ever be able to buy a house? Why do we have so many pets again?

It's exciting, terrifying, and oh, so bittersweet. I haven't really talked about it much on the internet or with people, so sometimes it still feels like a secret. Job-wise, I haven't wanted to tell the fans of the Davis County Fair, because I feel like the Davis County Fair is an entity unto itself... my own little baby that needs to float off and grow on it's own. My extreme loyalty made deciding to leave the fair very difficult. I'm less than two weeks away from my last day at the fair and my thoughts still swarm with worries about who will actually come to the concert, will the new person remember this, will the t-shirts get done on time, blah, blah, blah. Believe it or not, I have been working on detaching myself, and the awesomeness of things to come really outshines my worries. I want the fair to go on, and not skip a beat. I don't want anyone (you know, besides the people who NEED to know) to know that I'm gone... I want them to judge the fair on the fair's own merits. I hope it can be seamless, and I hope the fair fans will stay loyal, and that the fair will continue to get better.

Yes, I'm going on about an EVENT. Yes, I think of it like a freaking person. If that ain't love and dedication... then I'm just koo koo bananas. :)

And now for my personal poetry.

You probably know that my absolute favorite show of ALL time is, "One Tree Hill." I love it with all my heart. This was the last season (9 seasons... HOLLA) and I pretty much cried throughout the last several episodes. The series finale was just last week, and let me tell you- it was perfect. So perfect. Everything tied together, they had awesome throw backs, a whole lotta love, and such great music!

And just tonight I realized, "One Tree Hill" has been with me throughout all of my Utah years. And man, do those years encompass A LOT. So many stages of my life. And the show went through a similar transformation. The first few seasons were in high school, then they skipped the college years, then they even skipped some more time. They grew up and got married, and so did I. Their careers grew, and so has mine. And now I'm leaving and moving on, just as my favorite show/security blanket is ending. It really is just perfect!

At the end of the last episode, I cried... hard. I have never cried that hard about anything fictional in my life. But I felt it! Happiness, sadness, peace... all rolled into one big ball of mush. Ahhhhh, it feels good to get those kind of tears out. And then you stop and think, "I'm crying about a TV SHOW." And then Josh, hugged me and told me it was okay. He knows how much it has meant to me, and he didn't even laugh at me. I've always been touched by art in a deep way. Live concerts make me tear up, books make me cry, and even commercials can get my goat. Well, TV is art too my friends.

For me, "One Tree Hill" inspired me to improve my relationships, live each moment to the fullest, and to ultimately fight for my dreams. And here I go!

And let's be real... it's going to be AWESOME!


  1. That's great that you're going to California...sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do. Don't worry about the fair, Lauren and I will go and cheer it on and make sure things go REAL strawberry smoooooothy.